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Catherine Trujillo

Connection is Key. Being a virtual employee since 2019 has been a blessing, but also part of an ongoing transition. I was very secure in the notion of preparing each morning to “go to work”. Between planning for traffic, getting gas, stopping for coffee, dropping my son off at school, coordinating my outfit of the day and prepping school lunches and snacks, there was a strong sense of structure that was part of my daily routine for years. I formed successful habits that helped me mentally and physically prepare for the workday.

With global changes taking effect, as a family, we’re managing work from home and school from home. Are we busy? Constantly! Working from home is very different than working in an office. The sounds are different, lighting is different, breaks are different, lunchtime is different, and I socialize differently. Not too long ago, I was surrounded by hundreds of people on a daily basis in an office environment filled with conversation, noise and hype. Working from home, I started to lose an essential component of employment, which is the human connection and questioned if I could be as successful working from home as I was working in an office. However, I realized I never actually lost the human connection, I just needed to join it virtually.

Here are some tips for maintaining the human connection working from home:

  1. Video Chat- Non-verbal communication accounts for about 55% of a conversation. Encourage video chat with teams and colleagues. Dress for success still applies even from home.
  2. Communicate Your Goals- The work office is now home office, but communicating your goals will help you stay on track and maintain your focus. Share your goals with your team and talk about your current progress. Communicating your goals can help keep you motivated!
  3. Choose to be Successful- There’s a period of adjustment transferring to a work from home capacity. Set your mindset for the day and focus on solutions
  4. Be Authentic- Tone is easily lost through email and chat. Remember to invoke a sense of authenticity in responses to colleagues.
  5. Join the Virtual Community- Participate in work initiatives and read the digital newsletters and updates. With a lot of great things happening, you can choose to stay connected and join in the fun ways to stay connected.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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