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Cendy Correchel

I have been part of Foundever’s Managua site Team since 2017. Foundever has been a great family, where I’ve learned a lot of values such as work together, I learned to build trust with the associates, management and different departments within the company, overall I have learned and I am grateful; to be bold, to go for what I want, that’s when I decided to apply for the Coach Track Trainee position this 2021 and I got it, it has been a challenging phase but I am happy for everything I’ve learned and will learn. Being part of the Max Team, will help me develop even more leadership, it will show me how to be creative with my associates and how to help them develop their skills to give them the chance to grow within the company also as I did. Being part of max, would be a great opportunity for me to be even more involve in this great place named Foundever’s family.

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