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Sofía Beatriz Espinoza

Hi, I’m sophie! And my story began almost 1 year ago when I was at Foundever taking my 1st training for an amazing campaign. I was in shock because this was my 1st experience working in a call center, it was a whole new world and a whole new environment, I felt like a little ant surrounded by total brand new people with a whole lot more experience than me in the industry; But Foundever taught me that it doesn’t matter if you’re total brand new in this and that, if you wanna grow and share your voice you’ll do it, Foundever’s family showed me that they actually listen to your thoughts and ideas and always wants to make you feel part of the family, so now i want to become part of the max insider’s community to share my voice and to get known but also to meet more people and listen to their voices, let them know that we are a family and that we all matter and together we can have fun and share lot of stories that will help people to grow and get also known even when they are shy and new like me before I started working in Foundever. Let’s grow together, the world is big and we all fit.

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