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Charles Andrew Nonog

I was 19 years old when Foundever and I found each other. I never really worked before and I had just stopped studying due to financial constraints. It was a whirlwind of an experience from going through the initial assessment till the final interview of Baguio’s first account. I still remember my trainer’s end-of-FS Training prank where I thought I failed the Foundation Skills final assessment. I remember being overwhelmed by the tech concepts to the point I had a good cry in a bathroom stall. I wiped my tears and asked for help which my trainers went out of their way to provide. I have won my first bout with demotivation.

I managed to graduate into what was then called nesting but was scared out of my wits to take that first few calls. Yet again, I found myself crying it that same bathroom stall during lunch break. I had to be honest with the nesting staff that I am not very good at what I am doing and I need help. My request did not fall on deaf ears as help came in the form of coaching, feedback, and encouragement. No more crying in the bathroom but the struggle is far from over.

A new chapter began with a transfer to a new account. I was the youngest in the team, relatively green in the industry and still licking wounds from the previous shortcomings. But this time, I had a choice to make: wallow and fail or use my voice and ask for help. And use my voice I did indeed. Through coaching and dialogue with more seasoned colleagues, I have finally found a home.

Almost 11 months into this new campaign, at exactly November 1st (All Saints Day) our Ops Manager announced that I have landed the position I applied for Quality Apprentice. Both Foundever employees and client representatives mentored me for three months till I finished my apprenticeship. The dialogue was the secret that allowed me to gain my voice: a voice for mentoring, improvement and motivation. I learned how to evaluate calls, provide feedback and support all while weathering a couple of storms along the way.

Months after, I moved to a new role: a learning specialist apprentice! There is no louder voice than honesty. I’m not shy to admit that my first training environment survey failed but my LM and tenured LS’s who served as my mentors made sure that I got the support that I needed to succeed moving forward.

Nine months into the apprenticeship, I got confirmed as a learning specialist. I had the pleasure handling Tier 1, 2 and website support for our campaign. Struggles and victories continued and through it, all, the solutions to the problems were all the same: Talk to someone!

In 2014, a very alarming medical episode had happened. I was afraid that my relationship with Foundever was about to end. I did what I believe I do best: speak. I spoke to HR to let them know what happened and what it entails: resignation.

In an effort to ensure that my well- being is considered without having to leave, I was transferred to Foundever Academy. It was a fun, enriching, heartwarming 2 years as our voices helped change lives and build careers for people that others may not give a second chance to.

In the process, I had the opportunity to complete my degree through the Open University Systems of Pangasinan State University. My tenure as a learning specialist has allowed me to earn a college degree through the process of accreditation. This included an interview with very distinguished academicians. I had to literally speak up to earn the degree that has eluded me in the beginning.

Months before graduation, I was offered to take on a new role: an advocate for communications and employee empowerment through Foundever ICE (International Conversational English). Of course, with the prospect of top-notch leadership development manager as my mentor and how can one say ‘no’ to this new adventure?

A new role, school and my first training stint that required air travel to get there can be very daunting. But with open communication resulting in the right support, we approached the day of my graduation. I am now a degree holder in education!

I got to travel around the Philippines in my new role with the Philippine Leadership Team helping me spread the word of my advocacy. It was physically exhausting but definitely enriching. In this new role, I authored something that even prompted me to go to the US at Christmas time no less. I got to collaborate with the wonderful folks from Foundever Albuquerque to create a program that will build connections between our agents in the Philippines and their customers through excellent customer service. Upon my return to the Philippines, the knowledge transfer continued and the program was implemented.

Fast forward to today, I still get to do what I love to do which is to share wisdom and set people up for success under the skillful mentorship of my manager. I get to use my voice to empower people to not just take good calls but create great experiences for each customer they get to talk to.

True that Foundever is not a perfect company, true that it has not been smooth sailing throughout, true that time and again, I go through peaks and valleys, but it, in the end, it is also true that in Foundever, there will always be people who can and will listen to you, replenish your motivation when it’s wearing thin and empower you to speak another day or another nine years!

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