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Dana Angela Paje

Working far away from home is challenging. I worked with a company in Iloilo before and it is 5 hours to 6 hours away from home. Loneliness lingers especially on special events such as birthdays, holidays,  New year, and the likes. Although, that changed when I found Foundever Baguio.

Foundever Baguio is just a 30 to 40-minute drive away from my hometown. I am so blessed that Foundever gave me the opportunity to work here. I will not be missing any special events anymore. If I feel lonely, they’re just 40 minutes away from me which eradicates the loneliness that I feel every time I miss them.

Foundever also works with my leave application, filling a leave is never an issue – a work-life balance environment! This makes it easier for me not to miss any of our family events. Who says that the call center industry is a stressful environment? For me, it is a blessing and Foundever made all this possible for me

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