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Dara Camille Dagon

As I get older, I come to realize where I fit in. I feel that with age, I begin to figure myself out and, therefore, figure out what I like my surroundings to be. However, I also think there are a few different things from my background that may help me understand just exactly where I belong. For me, one of those major influences was the job I have with Foundever

When I walked into my first day on September 23, 2019, there was something about the atmosphere that instantly comforted me. I knew that this was where I belonged and I thank Foundever for creating a place that feels like home to me. For creating an environment where I am constantly on top of my game, supported, and thriving. Working with Foundever for almost three years now has made me a confident, hard-working, and proud young woman. I wouldn’t trade those things for the world, which then brings me to another reason why I can’t escape it.

Foundever has introduced me to some of the most amazing people that have truly changed my life. Shortly after my first days at work, I realized that one of the components that made this place so special was all the people who worked here. I have made many friendships here. Everyone talks about their co-workers, whether it’s good or bad, but I am blessed to have been given some of my very best friends directly from you. So thank you for giving me a group of people that accept me and make me better. Without these wonderful beings, going to work wouldn’t be half the fun it is.

Lastly, I want to thank the company for all of the experience it has given me. Without the past few years, I would have never developed my love for working with people. I have seen the craziest, funniest things at work that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but I have also had to deal with very real situations that will help me in my workplace in years to come.


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