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Laura Natalia Pérez Medina

Hi everyone!!

I’m Laura Natalia Pérez, Talent Acquisition Manager for North America. I joined Foundever in January 2021 and since that very first moment, I feel I found a place where I want to stay for a long time. This is still what I think when Foundever is on my mind. Recently, something happened to me that I never imagined before.

I started working with Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), a nonprofit healthcare educational institution, in October 2021. Our main goal was to place their graduates into a healthcare position and more important than that, give them the red carpet experience that Foundever is known by.

Some of the things we have been doing to be able to provide that red carpet experience are:
-Creating a more efficient hiring process in which candidates are hired in less than 24 hours.
-Send daily reports about candidates’ status.
-Set up a weekly touch-base meeting with the UMA team to be aligned on the information.

Since October until today we placed 150 into Foundever and counting!!

Last month UMA came to me with an awesome opportunity. They planned an event in Tampa, FL to perform The UMA Spark Summit 2022. The first surprise was that they invited me to be part of the event. So, they flew me on April 19th from Colombia to Tampa!!!!! I was so excited for this opportunity, they had lots of conferences about new recruitment practices, tools, and the chance to talked shared thoughts with some of the best talent acquisition leaders.

Once I arrived Tampa, all the UMA team was just awesome!! And on the second day of the conference I was invited to come on stage and speak on best practices to ensure a great candidate experience. That was such a big surprise!!! I feel really proud about them using some of the things I did when onboarding their candidates.

But, surprises were not over, next day on an engagement activity, they present spark awards to four healthcare employer partners. The biggest surprise, I was awarded the Spark for Change award for the innovative techniques I developed to match UMA graduates with healthcare positions within Foundever. UMA now uses my techniques with all their new partners!!!

This was possible thanks to Foundever group, a company that has given me the biggest opportunities!! Inside this amazing company, I need to thank my whole team, Maria Barbosa, Juan Rodriguez, Valeria Galindo, Michael Segura, Nicole Hemelberg and Camilo Briceño!!! You are the dream team!

Thanks Foundever! It has been just an amazing journey to growth inside such an awesome company!!!!!!!!!


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