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Debra L Duncan

Hi, I am Debbie and my new life started when Covid hit the world. I would have to say 2020 was horrible. After 11 years being with a home health healthcare company, they decided to do away with a program for patients I was taking care of, they laid off CNA’s that went to their houses to care for them in October, Christmas 2020 me and my husband took covid, mine turned into pneumonia Jan 2021. After all the illness I started looking for work again and I wanted to start a new adventure/career in my life, so I decided to look for WFH positions instead of going out in the world, lots of not qualifies until I applied at SYKES/Foundever, and they gave me a chance even thou I didn’t have CSR Experience. I have only been with company since October 2021, I have been getting to talk with allot of people in and out of the company. At first, I almost quit a few times, but I made my mind up I can do this, and they aren’t going to get me down anymore. I enjoy my job, trying to learn and remember everything there is with my position and I hope to move into other positions in the future and see where I can go.

United States

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