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Deanna Davis

I started with Foundever in March 2005 – with no experience or knowledge of the call center industry – working as an agent. Shortly after (less than a year), I was influenced to apply for the Coach position, and I became a Coach.

As a Coach, I learned about my passion for the development and growth of my agents. I soon learned about the environment of change, which inspired me to grow further in my career. People began to teach me about myself and the type of leader I was. Foundever taught me to become a better leader. Working on several accounts, Sales, Retention, Customer Service, Outbound and Technical experience; I then moved into an Operations Manager Track Trainee. During this time, I realized how to share best practices and help my agents and coworkers to overcome and adapt to change. Because change is growth.

Experience Shared is how I began to grow by sharing best practices. I then got promoted to Operations Manager in 2012 and led my first campaign. I then moved as an Operations Manager of one of Foundever’s biggest campaigns. Inspiring my coaches to become better leaders and work as a team was my motivation.

In 2016, I became highly involved in Coach track training development. During this time, I helped promote 5 CTT’s into Coaches in only eight months. I also developed an OMTT to promotion within a year. The company took a new direction, which makes me incredibly proud to be a part of Foundever. We truly are a people-first company. We have changed out learning into Growth Point, which takes and applies more of a practical application learning, with the majority of the learning taught by the Operations Manager. As their new manager, I find the approach is teaching through their experiences and molding their leaders. The new processes are focused truly on to moving into the future and promoting engagement. We are putting the people first in our business. We are making changes that make sense for the people. This makes me proud to know that my development will grow into new positions, becoming a better leader and developer, to promote growth from within.

In 2017, I was promoted to Senior Operations Manager. During this time, I created and developed a pool of CGP and OMGP, including onboarding new OM’s for growth in our site. We continue to promote growth and development in our site for new opportunities. In 2019, I was promoted to the Site Director Apprentice role. In this role, I am proud to continue my developmental succession planning within Foundever. To this day, I am a proud partner of Foundever and looking forward to many more years!

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