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Gertrude Nawew

I joined Foundever more than 8 years ago as an agent. Before applying with Foundever, I went through a lot of applications to different companies within Baguio and outside of Baguio expecting that I will be applying my specialty in the tourism industry.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to any of the companies where I applied. I came back home to Baguio and Foundever was the very first company that accepted me during my weakest time. Weakest, because I was disappointed in not getting a job within 2 months of graduating.

I started with Foundever not knowing what job waited for me once I stepped inside the building. Thank you to the leaders around who are of big help in my career at Foundever. My Foundever life should have been a mess but with the people around me, I was able to manage everything.

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