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Emilson Hallado

My journey at Foundever has been challenging as a student in the morning taking Civil Engineering and at night as a Customer Service Representative. Time management has helped me with my career by balancing the key priorities in my life. Foundever definitely made it easy for me to do achieve these things. The company was able to work with around my schedule so I can work and study at the same time which I am grateful for. I come from a family which has a limited source of income and it is such a great blessing for me to work here. I can provide the needs of my family and achieve other things at the same time.

Throughout my career in the company, the coaching sessions I’ve had in the past with my mentors and experiences I have endured greatly inspired me to share my best practices with my colleagues which helped me with my studies as well. As a result, these made me mature into a more responsible person on how to manage my time and decisions at school. Who says we can’t do both? It is hard but definitely possible! I am still with Foundever and will be graduating soon. Just remember to give it your all and love what you do…you too can be successful here at Foundever!

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