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Luvorn Xiojara Ramsey Fox

My road started in 2020 when I tried to apply but I didn’t had the enough skills to join in, after that i applied two times more and the last time i received the great call, that call changed my life. I always worked, starting at twelve years I worked with my mom on the streets selling patty and when I came out of the secondary school I had to wait two years to get my documents because i had some problems with them so i passed that two years fixing them, i tried to study in two universities but the problems with my documents didn’t allow me so i had to wait two years, that makes me feel that something else was waiting for me so i started to work with my family selling on the streets also I worked as waitress and any other job that i was able to do, when i get my documents fixed i tried to apply till the opportunity reached to me. i never felt ashamed of all my road instead of that i feel proud because i always tried to find the way to over come any situation with help of many people that always helped me on the road now i have a baby and I help my mom with my new job thanks Foundever fir give me the opportunity to work and help my family.

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