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Francy Gloria Urbina Leiva

Hi there! My name is Francy Urbina and I’m 23 years old and I want to tell you part of my story in this incredible journey. It all started because I wanted to apply to Foundever. I used to see all the videos on Facebook and I had great references of my friends who are working for this amazing company. However I was too afraid because this is my first experience having a job.

On November 12 in the evening, I sent my curriculum through the link on Facebook and one day later in the morning, I sent it through the email of Foundever recruiters for being sure that they received my message. I was really excited and nervous because I wasn’t sure which day they could call me. Well, they call me the same day but in the evening. I remember that I was so nervous but the recruiter made me feel so comfortable that I forgot for one moment that it was an interview. Then, he told me that I was going to receive another call from a different person and asked me if I was interested in FLIP. I was so happy because just the fact to apply to the FLIP it was a great achievement for me. Then, I received the second call, it was a different person, a Language Specialist and again, I felt so good talking with this person and developing a conversation.

After that, I received the information that I was included in FLIP. I initiated my classes on November 25th of 2020. It was wonderful because Foundever provided me the opportunity to improve my skills from home and also I was receiving help economically. Moreover, I met my amazing Teacher and my colleagues. We were helping each other in order to be prepared and passed the final goal: being hired.

On January 22, I received the incredible news that I was ready for my first interview with a recruiter for a campaign. I was very nervous again but it was different because I had the confidence to reach my goal and I did it. Unfortunately I passed through the interview, the next day I completed some tests, I sent all the information that I was requested and finally I was hired on January 31st. My induction day was on January 29th and I went to the embassy. Different people of different campaigns received us in the site to welcome us and they told us their stories at Foundever and how that changed their lives. I felt so warm and excited to start my job journey with an amazing family and in that moment I wanted to have the opportunity to share my story in the future too and I feel that this is the chance that I was waiting for.

I started at OCP on February 1st and the training on February 15th. Finally, my first production day was on March 1st and everything was an excellent experience because I was hired with 4 of my FLIP friends. We lived the moment together applying to our first job, developing out personal skills and reaching the goal together. From the very beginning Foundever gave me the opportunity to change my life in a better way, I met wonderful people who now are my friends, we support each other and we enjoy the great benefits to have 2 days off, growth opportunities, an excellent work environment and the most important thing: the opportunity to develop all my skills and to have a stable job from home.

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