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Jose Altamirano

Hello, My name is Jose, I started in Foundever back in 2017 with the dream of becoming financially independent from my family. When I started out I was sent to work in the email. A year later I started a new challenge by becoming part of Wave 1 of Spanish Voice, I have always been a fast learner and very driven towards growing. This challenges helped me out to become a Coach after only 2 years in the company. When I saw the opportunity to be part of Wave 1 for a whole new account, I knew it was the time to share my knowledge and skills, so that we could be able to maintain a new client and continue creating stable jobs. As part of Max Insiders I will be able to learn from our Sites globally and share that knowledge within my account so they understand better what the associate experience is all about. Max helps growing and improving by giving us additional tools, so I am very excited for the next part of my journey and promoting the great company that Foundever is.

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