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Gergana Ancheva

My name is Gergana and I am part of the EMEA Social Media Hub based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I joined Foundever in December 2018. I started as a Social Media Specialist, initially working with the UK market and the Bulgarian market. In September 2019, I started taking care of the Portuguese one. In December 2019, I became the Senior Social Media Specialist for the EMEA region with a focus on content creation and management.

Back when I applied for a job at Foundever, I was actively looking for a new career opportunity. I wanted something that would give me the chance to learn, develop and grow both personally and professionally. My first impression of the company was that the interview process was quick and overall, I had a positive candidate experience. After a couple of interviews, I got an offer that I accepted straight away because the interview process made a good first impression and the job itself was something that interested me. I did a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and then a master’s degree in International Marketing. I saw this position as a good chance to practice what I had been studying at university. Furthermore, Marketing has been developing a lot during the last couple of years and Social Media plays a significant role in it, so I wanted to dive deeper into that.

The job I am doing has been evolving a lot since I started and this is something I like and enjoy as I continuously learn new things and become a better version of myself. Moreover, there are a lot of courses, articles and videos made available to the Social Media team so that we become better experts. As a person who values education in any form, I feel happy about it. Additionally, I traveled to Portugal and visited the Miami HQ during my first year with the company, which is something I appreciate.

In general, I believe Foundever has helped me learn new things about Marketing and Social Media but also about myself. There are many interesting projects that I work on at the moment, such as MAX Social. The company has given me a lot of opportunities and I believe when you work hard and put enthusiasm in your work, you can achieve a lot.

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