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Heather Demi Fernando

Breast cancer is close to my heart and my experience with it has in many ways affected me immensely. In 2018, my mother passed away due to breast cancer. When she was diagnosed with it in the same year, unfortunately, it was already at an advanced stage. I was already with Foundever then and I had the most difficult time juggling work and taking care of her. At one point, I even considered quitting to look after her full-time. I decided to stay and I was thankful because I found a compassionate support system in my colleagues. My managers allowed me to take the time I needed to tend to her.

Some of them visited to check in on us and some even initiated a small donation drive. According to, having a first-degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer doubles my risk but does not necessarily mean I’d also have it. Since then, I have done researches on steps to reduce the risk as low as possible. It includes simple lifestyle choices such as eating healthy and avoiding processed food, staying physically active, and having regular check ups with a doctor.

I am glad to be part of a company that advocates Breast Cancer Awareness. I am glad to be part of Foundever Barkada.


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