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Heather Jordan

I’m Heather and I’ve been moved to the work at home solution, which is enabling me to help make the office a safer working environment for my colleagues.

I have daily calls with my team so that we can keep in touch and keep that interaction a normal part of our daily lives.

Being at home has also given me the chance to finally nurture my lovely plants. As they begin to thrive and grow, it will encourage me to do the same!

Top tips for those working at home:

  • Try to follow your usual daily routine as closely as possible!
  • Get out for your allowed daily exercise, even if it’s just a walk. Being in touch with nature is great for the mind.
  • Take the opportunity to nurture yourself a little better through diet and exercise.
  • Make sure to stay in regular contact with your colleagues, just like you would if you were in office.

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