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Hermes Quijano

Hi. This is Hermes Quijano Jr. They call me Hermes. I started at Foundever way back in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative.

I indulge in a lot of fun stuff. I am a certified foodie who spends my spare time gaming, and I’m also an avid Disney enthusiast. I am a self-proclaimed beach bum who doesn’t know how to swim.

I have been with Foundever for 7 years, and just like the well-known company, I am one of the individuals who’s valuable, precious, and of the best quality. I have been an effective frontline representative for 3 years and an important key player in the success of the most coveted team. For 4 years of being an agent on that team, I have been trained and exposed to tasks that allowed me to flourish and be ready to take on more challenging roles. Along with my impressive work ethic and positive mindset, it is an understatement that I will do great.


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