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Humberto Jarquin

-A world of opportunities-

Hello! My name is Humberto Jarquin, I’m 26 years old and I have been a part of the Foundever Family in Nicaragua for five years. Back in August of 2014, I was about to complete my degree and I wanted to have my first job experience to start my journey as a professional and to develop my English skills. My best friend told me about Foundever and I got hired to work for one of the largest accounts. Funny thing, my idea was to be here only for six months!

Taking into consideration that it is my first job ever, I was pleased that the work environment was nice and it was noticeable that they were aiming to improve the representative’s performance; which was one of the reasons I decided to grow within the company. After ten months of being a Customer Service Representative I was selected as a QATT (it’s worth to mention that I applied twice, failing in the first opportunity but I did not give up, of course, I applied the feedback given) and here is when I started to learn more about the company and all the abilities that are required to be the ideal management member. The Track Trainee position helped me to establish a strong relationship with the people, regardless of their job title, I learned to show politeness and professionalism, to express myself in diverse channels.

Three months later, I got the actual QA position and this was the first stage of the amazing experience, having the chance of being an Operations Coach and then moving up to my current position as Quality Assurance Coach. All these roles brought me more responsibilities, challenges and made me accountable for my peers, managers and clients.

I’m proud to say that Foundever gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people who have become really close friends. They have been a positive influence on my personal life and have been part of the goals I have achieved in the company. I’m sure they will be part of future success.

I picture myself in a higher position. In other words, I’ll make sure to give my best to continue growing within this great world of opportunities!

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