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Lauren Hay

“You’ll be back” is what I was told the first time I left Foundever in a round of redundancies.

After leaving, I went waitressed for nine months. During this time, I found out one thing – waitressing wasn’t for me. When a friend came in one day and told me there was a job at Foundever, I decided to give the application a go. I was successful and started two weeks later.

Three years into round two of Foundever, I’m on the road to where I want to be. I started as an agent, moved on to be a team trainer, and took on many additional tasks given to me by my manager. Soon after, I applied for Track Team manager but didn’t make it through. I didn’t let this put me off!

When my manager left and a permanent TM position opened up on the campaign, I applied and got the job.

Going from agent to manager has been a learning curve in itself, but the thing that gets me through is the people. My team supports me and knows how to make my day. I have my support network for when I have questions (and there are a lot of them). I love that sometimes I don’t know what is coming next, and the crazy busy times where I feel like I don’t stop.

The best part of Foundever for me is always going to be the people. I met my partner during round one of Foundever and I’ve dragged him back with me into round two (didn’t take much dragging). We’re both here and happy we came back for more!

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