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Jacqueline Thomas

My name is Jacqueline Thomas. I am currently an Operations Manager for Foundever. I am from Corning, NY. I started my Foundever career in Corning then moved to San Angelo, Texas. I have worked with Foundever for seven years in roles, including Agent, Coach- CIMS coach, Change Lead, and Operations Manager, with over five years of management experience.

In my career at Foundever, I have been a part of the Leadership Academy. Leading the site through training and driving the consistency of LA tactics and processes. I come with years of experience interacting with Operations, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, and Training departments and keeping open communication to ensure we successfully handle client needs and processes.

During my time at Foundever, I’ve grown professionally and personally. I’ve learned life skills that can only be taught through these experiences. Foundever is the place my job turned into a career, and my peers turned into family.

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