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Justo González

Hello, my name is Justo González; I am 29 years old and a Graphic Designer. My previous job was on national TV in technical and editorial areas for seven years.

My life changed a lot when I applied at Foundever last year when I had the honor to form part of class 155 of the FLIP Program. I made the right choice when I decided to try something new. I met great people, trainers and class partners that became more than new people to me. They became amazing friends.

When I finally joined one of the coolest campaigns in Foundever, I felt really nervous. I never did this kind of job before; however, I was encouraged to have no fear of the job because I met great friends on the production floor. The coaches and trainers I met so far have been above and beyond whenever I felt stuck and have doubts about how I would be able to adapt and improve.

I think that I made a great choice applying at Foundever, and I really feel this is more than a job; it is a way of life. Great people, great job and a lot of fun.

Now I am part of the MAX Insiders team, a new adventure where I would be able not only to learn but help our company to grow more and improve so we can become the most amazing place to work.

You are held by your own limits, and I learned how to break them every day thanks to the experience working at Foundever.

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