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James Paulo Bobiles

Navigating your way through the new normal at the middle of a pandemic is no joke. I joined legacy SYKES back in December 2020 with tons of worries and doubts – would I get regularized? Would I be just as successful just like with my previous organization? Would I be able to blend in?

Then the acquisition began – another set of uncertainties plagued my mind. It was like a never-ending process I kept to myself because as a leader, I recognize that my people use me as their source of strength as well.

These were tough questions I pondered on while managing a brand new campaign in Glorietta 1.

One day, while I’m headed back from a quick break, I saw this poster and this line struck me like a lightning – “Create More Connection.”

When you are surrounded by a pool of personalities, differences and colorful people, you tend to ask “How do I make that kind of CONNECTION?”. Now I know the answer…DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).

These words may be common but here at Foundever we put it to LIFE! We celebrate each other’s successes and opinions. Our group (Cluster ANNAia and DBBU) ensures that the room is excited discussing ideas that are equal and impartial to all stakeholders. On top of it all, the sense of belonging makes it easy for all (from associates and up) to make his or her voice heard – and that’s how I realize that I don’t need to blend in…when I can STAND OUT!

Today, I am writing this not to provide a narrative but to attest that no matter how cloudy a situation can get, as long as you’re immersed to the right CULTURE, you will succeed!

Thank you for the warmly and genuinely embracing me! #FoundeverGroupPride #BeBoldBeProud

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