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Javiera Mercado

Life is too beautiful just to wake up and go to work and pay the bills. Wait…I have read that phrase somewhere else! My name is Javiera Mercado and this exactly how I felt when I joined Foundever. I still remember my induction day and the video that was played about vision, passion, and purpose. On that day, I felt deeply in my heart a hunger for professional growth. So, I set my vision to pursue a role where my life will fulfill its purpose, and where I can do so with passion

From day one, I had already made up my mind that I wanted to grow within the company. I wanted to support people that can influence others on a greater scale. And so, there it was, the Human Resources Department. When I first got the opportunity to apply for the HRIS position, to be quite frank, I had no clue what the position was about. I just saw the word HR.J Thankfully for the company, and I did not get the position.

Two months later, they opened another position, and this time I made sure I understood the role. I reached out to the department for more information. It is essential to mention that I had the support from my coach in terms of honest interest in my development. He was on top of my interviews’ date and time and gave tips to avoid being nervous.

After going through the application process, I got selected as a Human Resources Assistant Track Trainee. I still remember the day I signed my offer letter, and the explanation Mrs. Rita Salinas gave me about what it meant to be a part of the department. I was thrilled! This was the start of my journey. Fast forward almost eight years, and I have been involved in different projects that have helped me achieve my life goal of helping others. I have various anecdotes, learning moments, meaningful conversations, and, most importantly, I have tried to understand others, and improve myself during this time.

From HR Assistant Track Trainee to HR Assistant, and eventually to Employee Relations Specialist, I feel blessed with the opportunity to do something that excites me, challenges me, and fulfills my life. My role is full of moments where I can motivate associates to do better by taking care of our most valuable asset: our people. I support, promote and communicate company initiatives. I know that there is a long way to go. Still, I am 100% committed to this company because it has granted me the opportunity to continue supporting others with their development. It is my dream to be a master doing that.

One of the many lessons I have learned is to be clear of my values and understand the company’s. This has helped me to auto evaluate myself on what I want to accomplish, and how can I support my department and the Operations. It is worth mentioning that throughout this journey, I have had the guidance of incredible women that have been leaders I can look up to inside and outside my HR Department.

I feel this ride is getting better and better!!! I am MAXpert now! Let’s see what the future holds…I am ready!

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