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Ricardo Camarneiro

Let me tell you about my amazing journey at Foundever. I joined the company in 2001. Yes, 19 years ago! A life, right? I started as a Technical Support Agent, did Mentoring, Training, Quality – a bit of everything. Foundever gave me the opportunity to work in a remote team, working directly with one of our biggest clients. I did this for 7 Years, a lot of traveling, knowing several countries and cultures and growing professionally and personally.

Seven years ago, I started the Operation Manager role, moving to Senior OM and now Site Director. It has been a very good journey that shows that Foundever is giving support, coaching that will allow employees to grow.

Everything we do is for our people; because we know that with this approach, our people will take good care of our clients, and “in the end, we are all in the same boat.” We celebrate our success together and we overcome our challenges together! Also, I need to mention that after 19 years, I still come to the office with a smile on my face.

People tend to say that outside of the door, I am another person. I don’t believe in that! We spend too much time at work in our life, so we need to have a good environment for our people and us, and that is our priority.

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