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Rachel Cox

After working in Large Retail Management and Development and Finance for years, I decided to try something new. I had clients who worked at Foundever, and they talked about the culture of appreciation and empowerment. There were only coach positions at the time, so I applied there. That really gave me the opportunity to understand how much Foundever embraced its agents and worked to support them. Moving into Operations and then Project Management personally gave me the chance to celebrate how important Foundever’s values are. Being somewhere that values speaking and acting with integrity, and empowers its team to be bold enough to offer innovative and new ideas, has been invigorating.

As I work on achieving my PMP certification, it’s encouraging to know that my leaders and my team support me. That’s not something that happens at every company. Working hard and striving for results is so much more rewarding when it’s for an organization that stands behind you, cheering you on.

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