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Jeannette Ahorro

As a mother of three teens, spending time with them is my top priority but it becomes difficult as the demand of the role increases. I recently got confirmed as a Coach for a retail program in Foundever Palawan and taking care of my associates is similar to taking care of my children.

My Journey with Foundever started as a buyer specialist for Palawan site in 2017. It was a position that is new to the site and I have to prove myself to the site leaders. With my agility and initiative to do things for the site, I was able to meet the expectations of the vendors and client without breaking the process in place set by the procurement team.

My previous site lead is my inspiration as she taught me be passionate with my job. She is a hands on leader that trained me that hard work and putting your heart in the things that you do makes you successful in your career. She also taught me to be critical, be very detailed as this helps in delivering more than the expectation. I am thankful to have leaders like her in Foundever and I am grateful that as I learn, I can still spend quality time with my family.

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