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Leah Masiclat

I started with Foundever in 2015 as a Learning Specialist and then joined Operations as a Coach after a year. Both roles have molded me to understand the business better and how to support agents and contribute to the program’s growth. In 2018, there was an opportunity to join the Leadership Development Team; they needed one for the site (Tarlac) where I am at and with the support of my Managers; I applied. With a lot of prayers, preparation and research; I got the post. I am proud to be part of PH Leadership Development Team where we support and help our leaders learn and grow. It has always been great advocating for people and see them grow their career and become better individuals. Is there growth in Foundever? Yes, there definitely is. As long as you always create a better version of yourself by continuous learning and development; there is growth.

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