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Jhonatan Prada

I am Jhonatan, a 33-year-old Colombian who became a citizen of the world by joining the customer service world. I am a new member of the Foundever Family (yes, you read it correctly FAMILY), but I have loved all the interactions, support and growth within the company.

I was living far from home, working on a different project and I started looking for options to return home. I found Foundever a very interesting place to work, so my journey began with a remote application that I will never regret. I have loved everything about Foundever from the time I applied for the job. The organizational culture and all the activities are well structured and always people-oriented.

Every day at Foundever gives you opportunities to excel and learn while enjoying your job. The staff members are always looking for ways to make a better version of you with constructive feedback and constant support, which ease your development and professional growth, making our experience truly better.

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