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Joel Obando

Hello everyone. December the 3rd 2017, was when my journey at Foundever started. I was wave 7 for a new campaign in Foundever Nicaragua and we were just a small group of people willing to learn, to grow and to work as a team.

It was a little bit hard to get the job, and I was a bit scared to find out how the work environment was going to be. To my surprise, I found that this was the best place to be. Everyone from the agents to the coaches and trainers was so friendly and helped me get used to the tools and product.

Two weeks after OCP, I started producing good numbers and due to that I was given the opportunity to open the Spanish Voice LOB for the same account. It was an amazing milestone for the campaign. Now we’re around 300 people working together and 5 LOBs working hard every day to create great experiences for the customers.

Here at Foundever, I’ve grown as a person and as a professional. I have met amazing people and every day we learn something new about each other.

Teamwork made all of this happen, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have the team where I am right now. They are all amazing people and they are always on top giving great numbers.

I was recently given the opportunity to be a MAX Insider and I’m excited to share ideas to change the work experience for Foundever employees. I want them all to be motivated and to know how important they are for Foundever.

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