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Jorlan Cerda

I started as an agent at Foundever Nicaragua when I was 18. I went in and applied because I wanted to test my English skills! After I was told the salary, I decided to stay so I could get a car during my college years.

Foundever was so exciting; the culture and kindness of people, the opportunity to learn things and move out of your comfort zone made me happy with my decision. (You know what I mean with comfort zone when you take your first call lol).

Fortunately, I was able to apply everything I learned at Foundever and combine it with my degree in System Engineering. I was allowed the opportunity to grow many times, and even became a Regional Performance Director in LATAM for two years.

And look at the Now. Today, I live in Colombia as the Performance and Continuous Improvement Director and I’m only 27. Foundever recognizes the young force, and as long as you always try to make things better for our employees and clients, you can be the next one too!! I invite you to be the best you can be and what a better place to do it than Foundever!!

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