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Julius Dio Meredor

My name is Julius Dio Meredor. I’ve been living in Tarlac for 29 years and graduated here as a teacher. Growing up with a passion for computers, I applied to work in this industry. I got my first role on a technical support account here in Tarlac in 2015 and built my foundations as an agent until I got promoted as a Team leader.

It is very hard to apply for work. Transitioning from one environment to another was one of my biggest fears; facing new people, attending interviews and starting from scratch. In August of 2018, my previous team lead asked me if I wanted to join Foundever as a Coach. At first, I was afraid of the change and the role that would be trusted unto me; however, I still pushed through, faced my fears and trusted my instinct. After a year, here I am now, with a new family.

I decided to stay and work for Foundever because of numerous reasons; starting from the health benefits and compensation that the company provides until the endless possibilities of opportunities and growth. Here I found a place where I can learn and achieve something bigger than myself, a family that I can grow with.

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