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Karelia Palacios

Howdy? My name is Karelia Palacios, I want to share part of my story at Foundever, I’ve been working for this amazing company since 2012, I have to say that the learning process has never stopped since day number one, I could share thousands of reasons why I love being part of Foundever but I will never end, This month that we commemorate women’s day and we reminiscence women’s struggles throughout the decades and how we fight for our rights I want to say I like being part of a family were more than 50% of the leaders and associates are WOMEN, we manage to work in different roles, managing people and helping others to develop their skills, Women empower others to grow and keep growing through changes and difficult situations, I want to highlight that the departments I have worked for in this company are led by women and I am proud of that, I’ve had the opportunities to see women growing and helping others to grow professionally and personally. My word for this year is EXPRESSION, I love seeing woman to express how they feel and how they cultivate others by learning from others. This is a sincere invitation to express yourself and illuminate others, let the women shine and be proud of who you are!

Keep rocking it,

Karelia Palacios


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