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Karen Mania

It was in 2016 when I applied for a customer service representative position and I was advised that they will get in touch regarding the result but did not get the position at that time. I ended up trying again. I found myself inside My Academy building in 2019 signing up papers, waiting in line and the nerve wrecking interviews. And yes, finally, I got in.

I started as an agent and I never thought of stepping up until my supervisor advised me that I have more to offer. All I need is to believe in myself. After 8 months of taking calls, I got promoted as a Call Monitoring Specialist.

My first heartbreak with Foundever made me realize that good things are worth the wait. We may not get what we want today, but keep in mind that things are happening for a reason. I am still thankful that I went back after 2 years. No regrets that I tried again. And yes, I will keep on choosing Foundever.

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