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Shean Rhee Accad

During the year 2020, the world was devastated when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that we are in a Pandemic due to COVID-19. I never imagined being in such a situation in my lifetime. We were all stuck in our homes and the whole world was in lock down. The Pandemic made me feel uneasy which made my depression worst since I cannot interact with anyone physically. Therefore, part of my therapy is to be around people. Although, this was taken away from me by the Pandemic. The following year came and still the world faced same threat from this virus. A lot of people were struggling mentally, physically and financially. I, too, was truck by the impact this virus in the same manner so I decided to look for a job that would allow me to interact with people. Also, a job that would allow me to earn in order to help my family. That’s when I learned about Foundever.

Foundever opened its doors to people seeking for an opportunity to have work despite these trying times. I was amazed by their courage of opening jobs for people. I was one of the fortunate individuals who got accepted in the company. Fortunately, I was healthy enough to be able to work on site. I was happy about it because this allowed me to cope with my depression since I would be able to interact with people physically. I’ve been with the company for 1 year and 4 months. I stayed with the company because they provided me a stable income which will help me support my family. Foundever made me feel the belongingness which provided me a Barkada that fully and truthfully recognized my skills, and accepted my identity. This company opened a lot of opportunities for me in just 6 months of staying and more doors opened to me during my first year here.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Foundever on how they treat us, their employees and on how they show respect and importance with each individual. Foundever is a place where I felt camaraderie, respect, acceptance, and most importantly I felt at ease. Foundever provides you a place where you can grow and be the best individual you can be. I plan to stay with Foundever for a long time since we are company who cares!


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