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Konstantin Zhelev

I joined Foundever when I was barely 19 years old. I was young, confused and fresh out of high school. The only real skill I had was that I spoke German. As soon as I saw the ad that Foundever is opening in my city and that they’re recruiting people with German I made a plan – I’ll work there for 2 years and then I’ll move to Germany. Living in a small country with limited opportunities I was sure that I’ll never find anything suitable in my hometown. Little did I know…

I was an agent for 1 year – to be honest I didn’t really understand “the big picture”. For me my account was everything in Foundever – I didn’t really think or try to learn how the business works. I just enjoyed working with customers and thought that this is how far it goes.

After a new account opened I was promoted to senior agent/mentor – I supported the new agents after training and helped the management team build stable processes. This position taught me one thing – I love working with people and developing my soft skills. Shortly after with the constant support from my manager I was promoted to a team manager.

The next 2 years taught me a lot – I was learning about how the business works. I understood what value we bring to our clients. The Operations Manager Growthpoint taught me the little things, which we do every day to win the trust of our clients. I learned something new every single day and this is the exact reason why I fell in love with Foundever. After 5 years with Foundever and now as a project manager for the EMEA region, I know one thing – I’m lucky to have gone through this adventure and to work with so many amazing people. To this day I work on a production floor to not lose touch with the place where it all began.

It’s true that Foundever is not perfect – but what’s most important is that we’re constantly evolving and learning from our mistakes. You might not be sure what your next career step should be, but you know what – most of us don’t. I can promise you one thing from my experience with Foundever – everyone will work with you and help you find the right path.

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