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Melissa Kay Balignasay

I started my journey with Foundever Baguio a month after passing the Nursing Board Exam in 2010, the first decision I made for myself and I am so amazed how it turned my life around. My career began as an agent and after a year and a half I got promoted to my dream role as a Quality Analyst. I always believe that Quality is the best business plan and you can never go wrong by making sure that your people execute nothing less than the best.

Being around with passionate people who drives continues training and improvement aligned with their employees profile made the roller coaster ride with technical support so much fun. One day I was assigned as a team POC and got challenged with the Coach Role, I applied for a CTT post in 2016 and got in early 2017.

The challenges that I had to face with the role and as a new mom made me mature in many aspects in life specially that I have to joggle work and family duties. Mid 2017 my spouse and I decided to move to our hometown Tarlac for our growing family. I am just so happy that Foundever made that possible , the move was smooth as well as the application. Foundever as a growing company helped me meet my needs and made me be the best I can be in driving work-life balance.


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