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Jane Naneth Pasion

I started with Foundever in 2015 but my stay was just short as I need to resign due to medical condition after 6 months of being with the company. After 5 years, I took my chances and thankful to be part of the company again. Second chances indeed is really the sweetest! Why Foundever? It’s because how they support their employees. Best experience that I had was last year when I consulted my coach about my possible resignation as I need to focus on my 3 year old son. She helped me identify all the options and even worked with the managers to give me time to look for solutions. And here I am! still with the company to share my story and grateful to be supported by the same leaders for the last 2 years.

Being a working mother is not easy but what keeps me motivated? it’s the short and long term goal that I have not just for my family but for my personal growth as well. I will not forget one of the best advice that I heard before we enter OCP, “When you feel you are not doing the right thing, don’t quit! Instead, go back to your reasons why you apply for this job.” Until now, I used that same advice to always push myself to improve be the best!

Working in Foundever will give you “Opportunity” to grow, “Challenge” you to do better and be better and make sure you have “Fun” through your journey.

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