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Maria Christine Balisoro

When the world stopped because of the pandemic, Foundever was a blessing in disguise for me. Coming back home from Canada, what should´ve been a vacation here in the Philippines became a hunt for a job amidst the pandemic. Nonstop hassling I could say. I am someone who takes risks and on the go for open opportunities to which I think will be an edge for me. Foundever is my first BPO and I am on my 2nd year and still counting, wow! Would you believe that?! Because for me I couldn’t, coming from working inside the kitchen or let’s say food industry, I am happy to say that I enjoy more now the profession that I am in. Ever since I already knew that I would like to work in operations and engage with customers. Working in Foundever molded and showed me more that I could be best at what I do.

As Foundever’s group values:

Be Bold- Confidence to achieve them dreams.

Work Together- Let’s unite! More brains is better than one.

Build Trust- This comes with being honest, I learned in my 2 years that trust is very important if we have that trust nothing could go wrong.

Wow customers- And finally with all the first 3 combined, I wow my customer’s extraordinarily.

Times may be hard sometimes, they say you wouldn’t last in a BPO industry, people comes and goes but my Foundever family is for keeps, I say for keeps! That is why I lasted because I have the best support system my coach, OM and teammates.

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