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Shaira Manansala

Looking back, it’s been seven years since I started my journey in the BPO industry. Before entering the call center world, I dreamed of being an educator but had to delay that goal and start working to support my family. 2015 was that year I established my career as an agent and my goal at that time was to be a Learning Specialist since it has been always my passion to teach. I was able to achieve that within three years of taking in phone calls and felt to myself that I was ready to take on a much bigger responsibility. All these came to a halt when the pandemic struck and Foundever was there to aid myself and my family during those difficult times. I saw how they did not stop taking care of their people despite the restrictions and fear that has left many stuck inside their homes. This is the reason why from then until now, I am here, serving my agents as their coach and promising that I would be there to guide them build their own careers just like how Foundever did that for me.

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