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Paige Cunningham

I applied for Foundever after only having one other job previously, which was in a hair salon. I didn’t think that I had enough experience, but after the telecreening and interview, I joined Foundever on January 15th, 2018, on a temporary campaign. After passing my training, I moved on to the live call floor with no grad-bay and this was a very daunting time. I didn’t really want to stay within the company as I had some really bad days where I just didn’t enjoy my job. After three months, I decided to apply for a position in the recruitment office. I applied and the RM came down to me the next day and asked me into an interview right then and there as it was the only time she had. I was so scared as I had no time to prepare. I went to the interview and a few days later was told that I was successful!

I was over the moon (I even cried a little) and so happy that I had been given the chance. Following on from that, I was given lots of responsibilities as the internal resourcer and I enjoyed the challenges thrown my way. Recently my manager has gone on maternity leave, which has opened more doors to me and also progressed me further into the internal recruiter position. In this position, I am working towards higher targets and I have even more responsibilities, including managing the recruitment team when the RM is away (eeeekkkkkk!) I am really enjoying my journey within Foundever and I have gone from not wanting to stay to never ever wanting to leave. I am now looking to progress even further and continue to learn and grow within Foundever to achieve much bigger, greater things.

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