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PeeJhay Manzano

Ever since I worked in the BPO industry, I find it welcoming and at the same time challenging especially when you trying to get out of your comfort zone and accept bigger opportunities. I at times feel the laughing stock of the team and won’t be treated seriously despite me meeting if not exceeding my metrics being part of the spectrum. There were times, I feel that I am less favored compared to my straight friends, that my sole responsibility to have a good sense of humor , crack jokes and make them laugh yet I know I am way more than that.

August 2020 was when the time I joined Foundever. I was given the chance to be one of the pioneers who started a campaign. As always, I did well and always joins the different engagement activity that the account has to offer and now I am a Product Specialist and in the right timing and opportunity I would like to have a team that I can call my own. I must say one way we can support the LGBTQ+ Community is to educate ourselves by not STEREOTYPING . Just because someone comes out to you does not mean they are going to start acting like a stereotypical character from a popular TV show or movie. People who are LGBTQ are extremely diverse; they come from all walks of life and can be from any race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or socioeconomic background, something that is not always represented in fiction.

Foundever understand why all their employees should feel welcome, respected and represented at work. They know that inclusion drives better individual, business and organizational outcomes. And they believe that staff must be able to bring their whole selves to work. Because when LGBTQ+ employees feel free to be themselves, everybody benefits.


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