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“I can never be held back, not for a moment.” This is my life’s mantra. And I have been living with this affirmation no matter where and what I go through. The moment I decided to apply at Foundever, I know for a fact that I will not settle for less. And that is what I have done and proven on my stay here. In less than a year, I have stepped up twice. I worked myself hard to be a product specialist and now a coach apprentice. This may be my first BPO, but I know that this is not a reason for me to be afraid of changes.

My journey here has not been easy…I have gone beyond my comfort zone of being in the administrative and finance department seven years before joining Foundever. Being the typical me who has been used to handling a team and mentoring, I felt the need to step up and live my passion of sharing my thoughts and knowledge to others…I know there is more of me that I can share, which was the reason why I decided to apply for the CTT post. Here I am now, at the position that I have worked hard for. I will see to it that I will not let this opportunity pass. I will use this to empower more agents for them to dream more and to help them as until they reach that goal.”

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