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Marvin Jodie Milleza

My journey with Foundever started at the peak of the pandemic days. I was one of the employees who had been laid off during that time. Luckily, I saw an ad via social media about an opening for an agent post with Foundever. At first, I was hesitant to apply as an agent knowing that my BPO experience had reached promotion to a team lead position.

I started with Foundever in 2020 as an agent. After 3 months of employment, I was among the few ones who got endorsed to a Product Specialist role. At that moment, my career with Foundever had started. In 2021, there was an opportunity to join the Learning Management Team for the program I was with, they needed 4 Learning Specialists at that time, so I applied. With the right preparation, prayers and mentorship from my trainer and coach, I was one of the lucky applicants who got the role.

I can say that being part of the Learning Management Team has been a great experience for me and helped me grow as a leader. Is there growth in Foundever? Definitely, Yes! As long as you strive to become a better person and keep believing in yourself, those goals of yours will turn in to reality.

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