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Rey Christian Mariano

My journey with Foundever started during the early formative months of TLC Site. I was hired externally as a coach back in February 2016 and joined the pioneer campaign in TLC.

I joined and stayed in Foundever because of its people’s first culture and this was proven even more during the height of the pandemic. Employees provided car pools for their co-employees and Sitel provided free shuttles which extended its reach as far as it could reach. Sitel also provided free food to our brave heroes who worked during the quarantine amidst the dangers that the coronavirus had brought.

To be one of the Foundever Heroes and be part of the skeletal workforce during the start of the pandemic was one of my proudest experiences in Foundever. This helped me grow as a leader and as a person.

To those who want to be part of our Foundever family, one thing I can say to you, we have proven time and time again, that our teamwork has made our dreams work.

Always proud to be part of this team.

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