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David Lawrence Bolata

As a student, my role is to capture information and apply it, then repeat that information in quizzes and exams. But I believe that my life is not just locked in the four corners of a room where I’ll just sit and listen. As schools restricted face-to-face interaction, I didn’t want to stop learning and, at the same time, earning, with that in my mind, the BPO industry is my first option in mind as it opens to all – equality.

I can still recall the days when I was unsure whether BPO was tolerable. Since I study throughout the day, I want to work during the evenings, and Foundever granted me the chance to do so as a CSA. It’s been six months with a positive atmosphere and a close relationship with my teammates and our team leader. I was able to seize the opportunity to become one of the Dart Apprentices I was striving for in a matter of months.

Although growth is overwhelming, I’m quite content with where I’ve come. With the support of my new teammates and coach, I am prepared to overcome escalation on this road toward self-actualization. Despite the difficulties I faced, I am pleased to inform you that my journey has been quite fruitful. I’m excited about working with Sitel for many more years and gaining more knowledge about leadership.

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