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Roberto Evangelista

“Hi! I’m Rob. I would like to thank Foundever for giving me a safe environment where in I am accepted as a member of LBTQIA+ community. Foundever as a workplace highly values Diversity Equity and Inclusivity. Working in Foundever , I would like to thank the support group which helped me in my journey as a member of the LGBTQIA+. I liked that there were activities showcasing talents and creativity. There were also forums and recognition event. Also recently, I signed up for Foundever SOGIESC (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics) training session with the local LDM in Baguio. This training aims leaders to provide awareness and support on members of LGBTQIA+ in the workplace.

In an environment where I am supported, I have achieved career growth. I am very thankful to be promoted as a new Coach. I would like to thank my previous coaches, mentors and managers who helped me in discovering my potential and prepared me on this new role. I feel very happy with this achievement. I would also want to express my commitment to inspire more people by becoming successful in this new role.”

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