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Selma Ünal

Hello everybody!

My story at Foundever may not be long, but it’s very valuable to me. As you can also see in my picture, I have a problem finding a job at all. But true to the motto – if you don’t dare, you won’t win – I applied for a job at Foundever.

So I was all the more surprised when I got a call back from the personnel department for an interview. I thought: “Let’s see how it goes!”

When it came to the interview, I didn’t have the feeling that I was only being evaluated on my looks, but that my skills were actually relevant. I think THIS is what distinguishes Foundever from other companies.

At that time, I wished I could read the thoughts of my superiors to know what they thought of me. When I was accepted, the joy was naturally very great.

Today – after one and a half years – I can say that I am happy to have taken this step. My team leader already counts me in the inventory. 😉

I always have a contact person for personal and work-related problems. I am challenged and supported without being put under pressure, which is extremely important for me. And therefore I always give my best.

Even though I work in a home office and have not yet met my colleagues, I have always felt like a part of our team.

I would like to thank all my colleagues and superiors from the bottom of my heart for this togetherness.



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