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Shailesh Dixit

My journey with Foundever started in October of 2011 as a CSP. I had decided to stay with the company for not more than six months. My recruiter was so friendly and made me understand everything from my role and responsibilities to the salary criteria. That’s GOS 2.0 principle #1: Hiring.

#2: Onboarding. The 1st day of induction was superb with some goodies and loads of fun. #3: Training. I was provided with all the training and skills required to meet client expectations. When I first hit the floor OJT, my coach and mentors were there for me to handle that very first call. WOW!!! What a feeling that was. Answering that first call and converting it into a SALE… From that day, there was no looking back. I received the right feedback and #Coaching to over-deliver and get myself to the next level. The journey as an advisor was wonderful with #FunManagement and #Walking Management. With all this fun @ work and right growth plan, I got promoted as a Coach. Today I can proudly say that Foundever has been one of the best decisions of my life. I can connect with my people and respect each other #PeoplePerformance.

It has been eight years, and I still feel that Foundever has only helped me to enhance my skills and made me a better person day by day. Foundever truly lives up to its values.

Proud to be with Foundever – many more Glorious years to come.

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