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Soumaya AZNEG

MaxInsider is my second name in the production platforms.

On the 3 shores, all the floors and with 2,100 employees whom I thank by this voice for their trust, sharing, smile.

During one year we were able to respond to 90% of the requests and questions received in full transparency,

we were able to gain the trust of associate.

Thanks to the support of our MAXpert, that was very interesting for me to discover many perimeters, universes, professions (HR, Facilities, IT, recruitment, COM …).

What a good time and a great team.

Max is a project rich in discovery, innovation, passion, creativity

Max made me gain more knowledge about the management, organizations and a lot of other things which helped me achieve my everyday tasks better and more efficiently

The efforts are made and the smiles, the happy faces testify to efficiency.

Together we build history … the future (this is a sentence received by our MAXpert) Together we build history … the future

By the way Max helped me to improve my English 😉


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